About Us

Our goal is simple

To create learning success stories, one student at a time.


Train in a stress-free class environment. We will come to you.


Let's save lives. One life at a time.


Our instructors are passionate and enjoy being part of a class. Not only do we teach but we learn too.

Our Story

LifeLink Solutions was founded on the belief that every student should have the ability to grow and further their education.

Over the past seven years, our staff has helped more than 10000 students improve their skills, critical thinking processes, and help them feel prepared for any emergency that may occur until advanced responders can arrive. We offer on-site training throughout Georgia and the surrounding States. We have almost 100 years combined experience in performing CPR, how to use the AED, and First Aid. Training is available on the weekends to meet the needs of second and third-shift employees. Our staff receives continual training in the latest standards. All equipment is maintained and cleaned to AHA standards.

All though we are very aggressive with all of the AHA classes, we at Lifelink Solution can tailor any class to meet your needs. We teach all classes needed in the industrial setting, OSHA, compliance etc..


Since we started this in 2007, LifeLink Solutions has been helping students fulfill their potential goal while in the work place. We do this through personalized instruction, working hand-in-hand with the student’s in their everyday surroundings for the most efficient learning.



An average ambulance takes 8-12 minutes to get to the scene of an emergency. You must act quickly to prevent brain damage. From the time a person stops breathing: after 4-6 minutes it is probable, after 8-10 minutes it is certainty, and after 10+ minutes brain damage is irreversible. That is why it is the responsibility of the layperson to quickly assess, take action, and render aid before advanced medical care can arrive.


What now?

Is your team trained to provide CPR, use and AED or administer First Aid in the first few precious minutes? It is our mission to educate people so that more lives may be saved. Class participants learn how to perform CPR, use an AED, and/or administer First Aid until advanced medical care can arrive. The positive written evaluations at the end of each class reflect that our teaching style allows for question clarification, a relaxed atmosphere for the maximum learning retention, and the satisfaction of knowing what to do in an emergency.

American Heart Association Certified